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Faubion United Methodist Church

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Gladstone's First Congregation Serving Our Community Since 1837

United Methodist WomenThe Faubion Women meet once a month on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:00 am.   We are active in supporting church activities, as well as various community groups and local charities. All women are welcome. There are no dues to belong.

Do you ever wonder where the money goes that the Faubion Women makes from the 2 sales they have every year? Besides making purchases for the kitchen such as appliances, utensils, etc. we also assist the church with major purchases. The majority of the money made goes to various charities such as: Assistance League (Operation School Bell), Clay County Clothes Closet, Della Lamb, Harvesters, Love, inc., Mozambique, Northland Christmas Store, PATCH, reStart, inc., Shepherd Center of Northland, Cornerstones of Care, Hillcrest Ministries, West Englewood Elementary School, and Synergy. Many thanks to your support of our sales so we may bless these charities with donations to further their missions.

Meeting Times and Dates

Thursday, January 2023

No meeting scheduled

Thursday, February 9,2023

10:00 AM Meeting  (Devotion: Monika Burris)

Tuesday, March 9,2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: Marie Madinger)

Wednesday & Thursday, April 12-13, 2023

Set-up for Spring Sale

Friday & Saturday, April 14-15, 2023

Spring Sale

Thursday, May 11, 2023

10:00AM Meeting followed by Salad Lunch (Devotion: Marjorie Riley}

Thursday, June 8,2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: Paula Gorenflo}

Thursday, July 13, 2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: Diane Lloyd)

Thursday, August 10, 2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devoiton: Pam Coltran)

Thursday, September 14, 2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: Peggy Chase)

Thursday, October 12, 2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: Bev Hawkins)

Thursday, November 9, 2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: )

Friday, December 8, 2023

Cookie/Candy Sale Set Up

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cookie/Candy Sale

Thursday, December 14,2023

10:00 AM Meeting (Devotion: )