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Good News For Modern Man (5 copies)
Guideposts Parallel Bible
Guttenberg Bible
Holy Bible (6 copies)
Holy Bible (KJV)
Holy Bible (RSV)
Holy Bible (6 copies)
My Study Bible (3 copies)
New Oxford Annotated Bible
New Testament
New Testament Psalms
NIV Holy Bible
Regency Gift Holy Bible
The Bible Promise Book (NIV)
The Holy Bible (1883)
The New English Bible with Apocrypha
The New Oxford Annotated Bible
The New Testament in Modern English
The One Year Bible
The Original Bible Restored (Ernest L Martin)

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Bible Studies

A Different Kind of Christmas (Mike Slaughter) (DVD and Leader’s Guide)
Abington’s Easter Drawer Collection (2 Books)
Along The Way Beginnings (Andy Langford and Mark Ralls) (3 Books and 3 Guides)
A Saddlebag of Sermons and Other Works (John Wesley)
Believe (Randy Frazee) (1 Book, Study Guide, and DVD)
Bible 101 (Bill Donahue) (7 Books)
Bible Studies by Demand for Adults (DVDs)
Christianity and World Religions (Adam Hamilton) (Book, Guide, and DVD)
Christmas and World Religions (Adam Hamilton)
Christmas is not Your Birthday (Mike Slaughter)
Compass Points for Old Testament Study (Marc Lovelace)
Embracing Forgiveness (Barbara Cawthorne Crafton) (DVD)
Enough (Adam Hamilton) (2 Books, Leader’s Guide and DVD)
Favorite Bible Passages (Volume 1 and 2) (Brady B Whitehead Jr, and Howard M Ham)
Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations (Robert Schnase) (10 Books)
Forgotten God (Frances Chan) (2 Books)
If You Want to Walk on Water (John Ortberg) (Leader’s Guide, Study Guide, and 2 Books)
Glimpse of Glory (Carol M Bechtel)
Gray in a World of Black and White (Guide and DVD)
How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth) (Gordon D Fee and Douglas Stuart)
I Will (Thom S Rainer) (5 Books)
Jesus 101 (Bill Donahue and Keri Wyatt Kent) (8 Books)
Living The Question
Love to Stay (Adam Hamilton) (1 Book, 1 Study Guide and 1 DVD)
Modern Parables (Study Book, Leader’s Guide and DVD)
Not a Silent Night (Adam Hamilton) (Book, Guide and DVD)
Old Testament Stories from the Back Side (J Ellsworth Kalas)
Renegade Gospel (Mike Slaughter) (Book, Guide, 2 DVDs)
Revival (Adam Hamilton) (Leader’s Guide, 2 Books, and DVD)
Rumors of God (Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson) (8 Books and 1 DVD)
Seven Words to the Cross (J Ellsworth Kalas) (14 Books)
Six Decisions That Will Change Your Life (Tom Berlin) (Leader’s Guide and DVD)
Six Things You Should Know About God (Leaders’s Guide and DVD)
Surprised by Hope (N.T. Wright) (Guide and DVD)
The Journey (Adam Hamilton) (4 Books)
The Me I Want to Be (John Ortberg) (1 Book, 1 Guide, and 1 DVD)
The Orthodox Herectic (Peter Rollins)(7 Books)
The Story (Randy Frazee) (1 Book, 1 Guide, and 1 DVD)
Twenty Four Hours That Changed the World (Adam Hamilton) (DVD)
Walking with God (Don Corsine and Judsen Poling) (5 Books)
When Christians Get it Wrong (Adam Library) (7 Books and 1 DVD)
Who is This Man? (John Ortberg) (Study Guide and DVD)
Why (Adam Hamilton) (2 Books and DVD)
Women of the Bible (Lysa Terkeurst) (8 Books and 1 DVD)
Worshipping with United Methodists (Hoyt L Hickman) (1 Book)
Your Bible (Louis Cassels)

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A Champion Is… (Marilyn Lashbrook)
A Hundred Angels Singing (Dorothy Van Woerkom)
A Matter of Choice (Angela R Carl)
A Miracle for Sarah (Regine Schindler)
Abraham (Elsie Rives)
All God’s Creatures (Illustrated by Peggy Tagel)
Am I a Color Too? (Heidi Cole and Nancy Vogl)
Amanda’s Tree (Jo Jones)
An Ark and a Rainbow (Sibyl Hancock)
Anna and the Strangers (Mary Blount Christian)
Angry, but not too Angry (Dave Jackson0
Apostles (Edmon L Rowell, Jr)
Bear Buddies (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
Bear Up (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
Bearing Burdens (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
Bearing Fruit (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
Bible Encyclopedia for Children (Cecil Northcutt)
Bible Story Book Old Testament (Sarah Fletcher) (2 copies)
Bible Stories For Children (Geoffrey Horn)
Black, White, Just Right (Margarite W Davol)
But I’m Thankful - I Really Am! (Jane Berk Moncure)
Children’s Bible Stories From Old Testament (Ruth Hannon)
Children’s Stories of the Bible from the Old and New Testament
Choosing is… (Janet Gonter)
Christmas in the Barn (Margaret Wise Brown)
Daniel (Lou Heath)
David (Lee Holloway)
David and Goliath (Will C Leeton)
Does God Know How to Tie Shoes (Nancy White Caristrom)
Early Christians (Marsha Barrett)
Easter Eggs Everywhere (Steve Metzer)
Elijah (Angeline J Entz)
Fixing Fences (Bruce Wanamaker)
From Spring to Spring (Lois Duncan)
God Cares When I Need to Talk to Someone (Elspeth Campbell Murphy)
God’s Paintbrush (Sandy Eisenberg Sasso)
Great Bible Stories David and Goliath (Maxine Nadel)
Hannah and the Manger (Hilde Heyduck-Huth)
Hello God! (Lois Walfred Johnson)
Heroes of the Bible (Jane Werner Watson)
I Can Bearly Wait (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
In God’s Great Way (Jennie Davis)
Isaiah (Fred Heifner)
Jesus (Carrie Lou Goddard)
Jesus Loves Me (Illustrated by Peggy Tagel)
John (Dorothy Laux)
John the Baptist (Johnnie Human)
Joseph (Jester Summers)
Judges and Kings (William N McElrath)
Just Like Emma (Christine Wright)
Learn More About Faith (Agopeland)
Learn More About Gentleness (Agopeland)
Learn More About Goodness (Agopeland)
Learn More About Joy (Agopeland)
Learn More About Kindness (Agopeland)
Learn More About Love (Agopeland)
Learn More About Patience (Agopeland)
Learn More About Peace (Agopeland)
Learn More About Self-Congrol (Agopeland)
Life When Jesus Was a Boy (Cassandre)
Little Visits with God (Allan Johnsmann and Martin P Simon)
Lord Teach Me Your Ways (Stephen Widorenson)
Love Bears All Things (Pat Kirk and Alice Brown)
Loving Is (Janet Gonter)
Manners Matter (Noah Smaridge)
Mary (Barbara Hintze)
Marty Finds a Treasure (Dorothy Fay Richards)
More Little Visits With God (Allan Johnsmann and Martin P Simon)
Moses (William Young)
Noah and the Ark (Maxine Nodel)
Noah’s Ark (Lawrence Lorimer)
Object Lessons with Easy to Find Objects (Jessie P Sullivan)
Old Testament (Robert Fulbright)
Paul (Iva Jewel Tucker)
Peter (Muriel F Blackwell)
Peter the Fisher of Men (Anne De Graf)
Philip (Jack Nash)
Prophets (Tom McMinn)
Ruth (Kjersti Hoff Baez)
Ruth (Paula Jordan Parris)
Samuel (Rickie Whaley)
Sanji’s Seed (B J Reinhand)
Santa and the Christ Child (Nicholas Bakewell)
Siegfried’s Silent Night (Brad Bluth)
Sometimes I Have to Cry (Elspeth Campbell Murphy)
Story of the Loaves and Fishes (Alice Joyce Davidson)
Teaching Your Child to Pray (Colleen Townsend Evans)
Thank You God (Illustrated by Peggy Tagel)
The Blue Ribbon Day (Katie Courk)
The Book of Jonah (Peter Spier) (3 copies)
The Christian Family Bedtime Reading Book (Ron and Lyn Klug)
The Christian Mother Goose Book (Marjorie Ainsborough Decker)
The Easter Story for Children (Ralph W Sockman)
The Forgiving Tree (Jan and Mike Berenstain)
Inn Keeper’s Daughter (Jill Briscoe)
The Kindness Weapon (Bruce Wannamaker ) (2 copies)
The Littlest (Charles Tazewell)
The Miracle at Cana (Wayne Atkinson)
The Prince of Egypt (Erik Metayas) (2 copies)
The Promised Land
The Shepherd’s Surprise (John Strojan)
The Stories Jesus Told (Arthur W Gross)
The Story of Christmas (Patricia A Pingry)
The Very First Story Ever Told (Lisa Weil)
The Way Jesus Came (Masahiro Kasuya)
Timothy (Louise Caldwell)
Tired but not too Tired (Dave Jackson)
Walt Disney’s Surprise Christmas Present (David R Collins)
Wee Sing (Pamela Conn Beau)
Wee Sign Bible Songs (Pamela Conn Beau)
What is Christmas? (Michelle Medlock Adams)
When Jesus Was Born (Maryann J Dotts)
When Joy Came (Pauline Palmer Meek)
Where Does God Live (Holly Bea)
Who Forgets? Elephants Don’t (Ken Treiber)
Why Did God Make Bugs and Other Icky Things (Kel Groseclose)
Women in the Bible (Judy Latham)

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General Reading

\ /
A Country for All (Jorge Ramos)
A Faithing Oak (Robert A Raines)
A Month of Mondays (Mary Lou Carney)
A New Dawn in Beloved Community (Linda Lee)
A New Song (Pat Boone)
A Pocket Story of John Wesley
A Raspberry Seed Under God’s Denture (Earle W Fike, Jr)
A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul (Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen)
A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23 (Phillip Keeler)
A Silence and a Shoestring (Eddie Askew)
Allow God to Wear Your Face (Alice G Knotts)
Amish Grace (Donald B Kraybill and Steven M Nolt and David L Weaver-Zercher)
An Invisible Thread (Laura L Schroff and Alex Tresniowski)
Angel Unaware (Dale Evans Rogers)
Angels (Billy Graham) (2 copies)
Armed With Love – Stories of the Disciples (Gerald N Battle)
Asylum Denied (David Ngaruki Kennedy and Phillip Gschrag)
Barefoot Heart (Elva Trevisco Hart)
Be Happy You Are Loved (Robert H Schuller)
Behind the Kitchen Door (Saru Jayaraman)
Beyond Violence (Gerard A Vanderhaar)
Bible Power For Successful Living (Norman Vincent Peale)
Bible Reading for the Retired (Leslie F Brandt)
Bible Stories You Can’t Forget (Marshau Efron and Alfa Betty Olsen)
Break the Cycle – Healing From an Abusive Relationship (Tracy S Deitz)
Brush of an Angel’s Wing (Charlie W Shedd)
Candles in the Night (Frederick A Radtke)
Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land (Ruth Everhart)
Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul (Jack Canfield)
Christmas is For Celebrating (Melvin E Wheatley Jr)
Christmas: More Than a Season (Wilson O Weldon)
Christmas Stories from Around the World (J Lawrence Driskill)
Climbing up the Mountain (H S Vigevero)
Cradle of our Faith (John C Trever)
Crumbs From the Master’s Bible (Eloise May Richey)
Decision for Destiny (Everett Gibson)
Dreamers (Eileen Truax)
Dying to Survive (Carolyn Stoloff)
Eat With Joy (Rachel Marie Stone)
Encourage Me (Charles R Swindoll)
Escaping the Great Deception (Derek Frank)
Extraordinary Faith (Sheila Walsh)
Faith and Struggle on Smokey Mountain (Benigno P. Bertran)
Fifty Key Words: The Church (Wiliam Stewart)
Final Words From the Cross (Adam Hamilton)
Finishing Touches (Lillian S Hawthorne)
First Easter (Paul L Maier) (2 copies)
Follow the Butterfly Stream (Lorenz Boyd)
Forgotten God (Francis Chan)
Freedom to Choose (Ernest J Gruen)
Gifts the Joys of Serving God (John Ortberg)
Glimpse of Glory (Carol M Bechtel)
God Calling (A J Russell)
God Does Not Foreclose (David Lowes Watson)
God of Goodness (Bruce L Blackie)
God Just Showed Up (Linder Watkins)
God’s People – Our Story (Devere Ramsay)
Gold in Your Memories (Macrina Wiederbehr)
Good God, Lousy World and Me (Holly Burkhalter)
Great People of the Bible and How They Live (Reader’s Digest)
Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life (Charles R Swindoll)
Growing Up Muslim (Sumbul Ali-Karamali)
Have a Little Faith (Mitch Albom)
Heaven is My Home (Folen Hunt Jr)
Heartbreak on a Hilltop (Arnold Prater)
His Story (John Calvin Reid)
Hold Me Up a Little Longer, Lord (Marjorie Holmes)
Home Town Tales (Philip Gulley)
How to Be Born Again (Billy Graham)
How to Deal With Annoying People (Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn)
How to Listen to God (Charles Stanley)
I Am Malala (Malala Yousaf Zai)
If Saddlebags Could Talk (Frederick E Maser and Robert Drew Simpson)
Images Women in Transition (Janice Grana)
Improving Your Serve (Charles R Swindoll)
In Touch With God (Charles Stanley)
Interludes( Linda Anderson)
It All Begins With God (W McFearin Stowe)
It’s Easier to Reach Heaven Than the Eye of the Street (Emma Williams)
January First (Michael Schofield)
Jesus and His times
Jesus of Nazareth in Word and Deed (Charles c Cochrane)
Jesus Today (Sarah Young)
John Wesley (May McNeer and Lind Ward)
Joshua (Joseph F Girzone) (2 copies)
Joshua and the Child (Joseph F Girzone)
Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson)
Kind of Kin (Rilla Askew)
Knowing Jesus (T Ralph Morton)
Laugh Again (Charles R Swindoll)
Let God Be True
Life is Too Short to Miss Today (Margaret Foth)
Little Lessons to Live By (E Charles Bauer)
Living the Bad Days – Why They Come and How to Survive
Meditating for the Later Years (Josephine Robertson)
Mere Christianity (C S Lewis)
Miracle of Seed – Faith (Oral Roberts)
Miracles (C S Lewis)
Morning Sun on a White Piano (Dr. Robin R Meyers)
Mother Theresa of Calcutta – A Gift of God (Mother Theresa)
Nine Attitudes That Keep a Christiam Going and Growing (Stuart Briscol)
Ninety Minutes in Heaven (Don Piper)
No Tall Buildings in Nazareth (Tom Johnson)
Not Just a One Night Stand – Ministries With the Homeless (John Flowers and Karen Vannoy)
O Susan (James W Angell)
O Worship the King (Joni Eareckson Tada)
Old Testament Prophets for Today (Carolyn J Sharp)
On Tiptoe With Joy (John T Seamands)
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith (Joni Eareckson Tada)
Paul Campaigner for Christ (William J Lowstuter)
Peace With God (Billy Graham)
Peter’s Portrait of Jesus (J B Phillips)
Prayer That Works (Jill Briscoe)
Prayers and Promises for Every Day (Corrie Tea Boom)
Praying for Strangers (River Jordan)
Praying Together (Rosalind Rinker)
Proverbs for Easier Living (Jo Berry)
Paul (Morton Scott Enslia)
Rebellion in the Wilderness (Geroge W Coats)
Release From Phineas (Arnold Prather)
Renovate or Die (Bob Farr)
Reserved for Mark Anthony Crowden (Alison Smith)
Rubble Nation – Haiti’s Pain Haiti’s Promise (Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey)
Seasons of Life (Charles R Swindoll)
Shopping (Michelle A Gonzalez)
Simply Salsa (Janet Perez Eckles)
Small Things With Great Love (Margot Starbuck)
So, Help Me Lord (Alton H Wilson)
Something Beautiful From God (Susan Schaeffer Macaulay)
Stories of a Faithful Hear (Alice Gray)
Strength for the Journey (Theodore H Epp)
Strengthening Your Grip (Charles R Swindoll)
Sum It Up (Pat Summitt)
The Abolition of Man (C S Lewis)
The Analogy of Experience (John E Smith)
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer)
The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel)
The Christ of Easter (Calvin Miller)
The Cup of Our Life (Joyce Rupp)
The Days of Thy Youth (Walter Dudley Cavert)
The Dressmaker of Khair Khana (Gayle Tzemach Lemmon)
The Friendship of Women (Dee Brestin)
The Gate Called Beautiful (Susie Deghelder)
The Gift of Easter (Floyd Thatcher)
The Gift of Inner Peace (James Allen)
The Great Divorce (C S Lewis)
The Healing Light (Agnes Sanford)
The Holy Spirit and Christian Experience (Mark B Stokes)
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot)
The Journey (Adam Hamilton) (4 copies)
The Journey (Billy Graham) (2 copies)
The Joyful Christian (C S Lewis)
The Key to the Kingdom (William P Swartz)
The Life of our Lord (Charley Dickens)
The Master’s Men (William Barclay)
The Messenger (Joseph F Girzone)
The Messiah (Marjorie Holmes)
The Night the Stars Sang (Guideposts)
The Oxford Journey – Women of the Bible (Sharon Neuer Emseirler)
The People of Ancient Israel (J Kenneth Kuntz)
The Power of Half (Kevin and Hannah Salwen)
The Problem of Pain (C S Lewis)
The Power of the Cross (Charles Stanley)
The Power of the Dream (Marie White Webb)
The Quiet Heart (June Masters Bacher)
The Real Spirit of Christmas (Dan Schaeffer),\
The Road Less Travelled and Beyond (M Scott Peck) (2 copies)
The Round House (Louise Erdrich)
The Screw Tape Letters (C S Lewis)
The Seven Paths – Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World (Annsazi Foundation)
The Shape of the Gospel (Merrill R Abbey)
The Slave Next Door (Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter)
The Story of Jesus
The Taste of New Wine (Keith Miller)
The Underground Girls of Kabul (Jenny Nordberg)
The Undertaker’s Wife (David Buttrick and Helen DeVos)
The Weight of Mercy (Deb Richardson Moore)
The Whimsical Christian (Dorothy L Sayers)
The Word Among Us (Chester A Pennington)
There’s No Other Way (Ernest A Fitzgerald)
Thinking With God (Norman H Camp)
This is Christianity (Maxie Dunnam)
Three From Galilee (Marjorie Holmes)
Time For Reflection (Louise Bachelder)
To Blessed To Stessed (Dr Suzan D Johnson Cook)
To Find Jesus (Edward C and Barbara Nan Peterson)
To Me It’s Wonderful (Ethel Waters)
Tuesday’s With Morrie( Mitch Albom)
Twelve Ordinary Men (John MacArthur) (2 copies)
Twenty Four Hours That Changed the World (Adam Hamilton) (2 copies)
Unto the Hills (Billy Graham)
Up From Grief (Bernandine Krevs and Alice Pattie)
Vision of Patmos (Catherine and Justo Gonzalez)
Warrior Princess (Princess Kasure Zadu)
What Would Jesus Do (Glenn Clark)
When A Friend Dies (Marilyn E Gootman)
When God Whispers Your Name (Max Lucado)
When Your Loved One Is Dying (Earl A Grollman)

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Hymns of the Christian Life
Hymns of Faith and Inspiration
Majestic Hymns
Make a Joyful Noise Music Book
Make Christ King Hymnal
Methodist Hymnal 1966
Songs of Inspiration
Tabernacle Hynms
The American Hymnal
The Book of Hymns
The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal
The Methodist Hymnal (2 copies)

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A Commentary of the Holy Bible
Adventures in the Holy Land (Norman Vincent Peale) (2 copies)
Atlas History of Christianity (Franklin H Littell)
Bible Dictionary (William Smith, LLD)
Bible Encyclopedia
Bible Maps Transparencies
Biblical Meditation for Lent (Carol Stublmeuller)
Coming to Life A Study of John (E W Saunders)
Cruden’s Concordance (Alexander Cruden)
Devotionals for Worship Programs (Fredna W Bennett)
Dynamic Fingertip Devotions (Amy Bolding)
Eerdman’s Handbook of Christianity
Essentials of Bible History (Elmer W K Mould)
Everyday in Bible Times
Faith Sharing Congregation (Roger K Swanson)
Family Encyclopedia of the Bible (Pat Alexander)
Halley’s Bible Handbook (Henry H Halley) (2 copies)
Harper’s Bible Commentary
History of the United Methodist Churches of Missouri (2 copies)
How to Study Your Bible (Kay Arthur)
I’ll Be Glad to Give a Devotion (Amy Bolding)
Joshua’s Bible (Shelby Leanne)
Learning to Pray (Ben Campbell Johnson)
Living Gospels (Kenneth N Taylor)
Living Psalms and Proverbs (Kenneth N Taylor)
Meditations on the Cross (Toyohiko Kagawa)
My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers)
New Testament and Wycliff’s Bible Commentary
Passion Play (Oberammergau)
Pictorial Bible Dictionary
Please Give a Devotion for All Occasions (Amy Bolding)
Pursuing Full Devoted, Giving, Grace, Group, Growth, and Spiritual Transformation (John Ortberg, Laurie Pederson, and Judson Poling)(Set of 5 books)
Second Book of Bible Lists (J L Meredith)
Songs for Glory – Stories of 300 Great Hymns (William J Reynolds)
Story of the Bible Volume 1 and 2
Strong’s Exhaustivee Concordance of the Bible (James Strong)
Streams in the Desert (Mrs Charles E Cowman)
Studies in John’s Gospel (John L Hill)
That’s in the Bible? (Wick Allison)
The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language
The Bible in America (Steve Green and Todd Hillard)
The Difficult Sayings of Jesus (William Neil)
The Golden Bible Atlas (Samuel Terrier)
The Interpreter’s Bible (Volume 1-12)
The Interpreter’s Commentary on the Bible (Vol 1)
The Layman’s Bible Commentary (Julian Price Lone) (25 book set)
The Necessary Nine (Bob Farr and Kay Kotan)
The New Compact Bible Dictionary (T Alton Boyant)
The Story of American Methodism
Walking with God (Don Cousins and Judson Poling) (5 copies)
Webster’s Dictionary (2 copies)
What the Bible is All About (Henrietta C Means)
Year of the Bible
You Can Pray as You Ought (Arnold Prater)

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All Our Days
Breaking Through (Francisco Jimenez)
Devotions for Young Teens (Helen S Cough and Sam S Barefield)
Does God Still Speak? (Andrew M Grueley)
Going Home (Nicolas A Mohr)
One True Friend (Joyce Hansen)
Pharoah’s Daughter (Julius Lester)
Something for the Kids (Ted Lazicki)
The Consecrated Cross-Eyed Bear (Charles Albright)
Thanks for Being my Friend (Lois Walfrid Johnson)
Where Does God Live? (Ted Lazicki)

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